Trying dahmakan For the First Time

Monday, 21 October 2019

dahmakan Malaysia

This random thought of mine brings me here. I planned to go out today but at the same time, I am lazy to get ready, going out and stay outside. So, I changed my plans from going out to cleaning the room. My room is not that messy by the way but I need to change my bedsheets and do some laundry. Then I remember that I watch Fatinzakki's youtube videos, cupcakeaisyah and aisyahhabshee and they did mention about dahmakan including the voucher code. I have heard about dahmakan from lots of influencers before but I ignore it for a long time. This time, they did influence me to give it a try. 

I pre-ordered Salted Egg Butter Chicken with Tealive Roasted Milk Tea with Grass Jelly, Vegetarian Baked Mac and Cheese and Mango Jelly this morning so that I can have it during the lunchtime. From the review left, I can say that it is quite promising and I can't wait to get to taste it.

I received a notification stated that my meals are currently cooking by Chef Wong. Then when it is on the way, I received another notification. I can say that the delivery service is good as it arrived within the estimated time arrival. The rider is good.

Now, let's talk about food.

Trying dahmakan for the First Time

I haven't eaten anything since the morning so I am quite hungry. So the moment I received my meals, I ate it right away. My first choice was the combo one which is Salted Egg Butter Chicken and Tealive Roasted Milk Tea with Grass Jelly. I only had these two and I am full already. The Salted Egg Butter Chicken is not bad. The chicken is soft and tender but I wish to have more sauce. It is quite dry for my liking. The rice is very well cooked. I like it that it is not too dry and not too wet. Maybe because it takes some time to deliver to me after it cooked. But overall, it was delicious.

dahmakan Salted Egg Butter Chicken

dahmakan Tealive Roasted Milk Tea with Grass Jelly

Now move to the Vegetarian Baked Mac and Cheese. This came in mini portion hence perfect for side dishes. Mac & Cheese was so good. Nothing overpowering, the amount of cheese is perfect and nothing makes me tired of the taste.

dahmakan Vegetarian Baked Mac and Cheese

Last but not least, Mango Jelly. This is just like the ordinary Mango pudding. The taste is the same as the others. Maybe I should try the cake or cookies for desserts than the mango pudding. Especially when they keep saying that it was good. But it is okay, I can try it later.

Don't you think it is easier to get food now? Just order and your meals are here. This is definitely not going to be my first and last order from dahmakan. I am going to try other meals like the Roast Chicken Breast with Spinach Barley Risotto, Mushroom and the Spaghetti Bolognese. So yummy!

Have you tried dahmakan before? Which meal is your favourite?


  1. My app to go for food delivery used to be Food Panda and Grab Food but Dah Makan sounds good too!

    1. I haven't tried Food Panda and Grabfood before. Dahmakan is my first and it was not bad at all 😊

  2. the food looks good i must say that but i lives in a rural area so that's just downright sad. it's good to have such choices especially with the varieties.

    1. That is too bad. Hopefully dahmakan expands their services to other states too 😊

  3. I never ordered anything from DahMakan. But now teringin sangat nak cuba, those photos are tempting!

    1. You should give it a try. Use voucher to save more! 😉


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