3 Beauty Products that Can Save Your Day

Friday, 29 November 2019

Have you ever experience a situation where you are in a hurry but you still want to look good? I have a few beauty products recommendation for you to have that will save your life! Trust me in this guys, I am sure that these products will help you to go your day without taking so much time. 

Dry Shampoo 

Washing your hair every day is not good for your hair and scalp as it will remove your natural oil that your hair needs. But have you ever experience the moment when just wash your hair yesterday and it started to get oily? Well, all you need it a dry shampoo. Easy to use and you are ready to go. All you need to do shake the bottle well and spray the dry shampoo to your hair scalp. It will not just remove the oil on the hair but it freshens the hair and make it smell good. 

Oil Control Film

Having oily skin can be bothersome at some point especially when it is shining and greasy at the same time. But with this oil control film, it will make the shine and greasiness away from the skin with a single step! Of course, washing the face is a must but it has a limit. It is preferable to wash your face with a proper cleanser at least two times a day. More than two times is not good for your skin. So, to overcome that oil control film is what you need. It is easy to use. Just dab the film gently all over your face until you are satisfied. You will see the film changed the colour which means it absorbed the oil on the face. Quick and easy right? If you are wearing makeup, do not worry cause it will not affect your makeup if you do it properly.

Acne Pimple Patch

Acne patch is basically a band-aid or plaster for your acne. What this acne patch does is absorbing all the puss, oil and junk on the skin without forcing it to come out. It works best if it applied for a long time or until the patch turned white which means the patch was fully absorbed. Using this patch also prevent us from touching the pimple too much. Perfect for everyday use and it came with various sizes too according to your preferences.

I guess that is all. Comment below if you have any other products that you think can be in this category cause I might miss it.

Do you have any of these items in your bag?


  1. Waaa~ Aien tertarik dengan Dry Shampoo tu.. Nanti nak cuba cari. Thanks for make my day. ^^

  2. paling suka acne patch, bila muncul jerawat je pakai :D
    nak try la dry shampoo nanti, macam menarik :3

    nice sharing! :D

    1. Kan? Acne patch ni memang sesuai untuk Syaza yg suffer acne-prone skin. Bila pakai memang tak fikir apa dah. Hehe

  3. Where do you get the acne patch? I have breakout now and I selalu gatal tangan nak picit2 them habis berparut. Thank you for this entry. It remind me that acne patch exist.

    1. I usually got my this particular patch from Shopee. But kalau nak cepat, kat Watsons or Guardian pun ada. Boleh cuba brand Nexcare, Miacare and more ❤


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