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Friday, 8 November 2019

I think it is been a while since I update my personal things here. Basically, I am going to start my new semester in a few days. A lot of things came in my way plus my previous semester was a short semester so I had limited time to spent more time with my blog. But the good news amongst all is, my pointer is going up just like how I wanted it to be. Alhamdullilah. This going to be my inspiration to work harder for my next semester. Wish me luck, guys!

There is a lot I want to update but I am going to share some of it as it might be tedious to share it all. Hehe.

1st Anniversary with

Last year around these days, I took a huge step which I decided to start having a domain for my blog. I think that was the best decision I ever make cause it gets me through whenever I am having a blogging slump. I struggled a bit with this issue and currently working on it so that I can make more blog posts in the future. In fact, I missed my old self cause old me used to have lots of ideas but the new me is meh. Whatever it is, it already a year since I used and a lot has changed. I feel so happy each time I updated a new blog post.

Back to Bullet Journal

Last year, I have been on-off in bullet journaling. I tend to let my journal empty without any update. But these last few months, I gear up my mood to write and plan for my days. I love it so much that I cannot stop buying more stationaries like washi tapes, pens, stickers, highlighters and more. Now that 2019 is about to end, I am still searching which books should I use for the year 2020. I am considering to use either notebook or ring book. Which do you think is the best?

Cabbage Kimchi

I bought homemade kimchi from one of the sellers from Shopee. I got so excited when it came cause I have been craving for it for so long. You know, watching many Korean shows and dramas can influence you to try something new. I have tried it for a few times now and I love it so much. In fact, I just finished it this morning. It suits my taste and I will definitely reorder it again in the future. I love to eat the kimchi along with my noodles cause it makes the noddle more savoury and delicious.

Little Forest & Setelah Ku Dimiliki

I am currently watching these two series. I love watching Little Forest as the casts attempt to take care of children for two days one night. It is tiring but seeing that the kids enjoy being in the forest to explore new things make me adores them. I love the twin, Grace and Brooke and Ga On so much. They are so cute and precious. For Setelah Ku Dimiliki, I am interested to watch this series because of Zul Ariffin. The story is quite different. Not to mention how much I hate Lina. She is so rebel and seeing her in each scene makes me so mad. I am looking forward to the next episodes.

I guess that is all. I have a lot to share here but I guess I'll save it by myself. I do not promise for more blog posts but I promise that I will never stop from blogging. InsyaAllah.

Happy weekend, everyone.

What you've up to recently?


  1. Hee, rasa macam nak tengok ke setelah kumiliki tu.. Wish you good luck for next semester yo! ^^

  2. Happy 1st anniversary to . I was thinking of getting a domain too but maybe next year or the next. Keep blogging on your own time, no pressure. Sometimes even blogger need some time off from the blogging world even just for a while.

    Welcome back to bujo world. If I were you, I'd go with the ring/binder notebook because it's customisable than notebook. I've been using binder notebook for a year now and I cannot bring myself to change from that to notebook. I even bought a new binder notebook recently for 2020.

    Kimchi ni nak cari yang betul2 sedap memang susah. Even dekat restaurant korea pun ada yang tak sedap so to find a good kimchi is actually really great! I love to eat it with instant noodles and sometimes I'll eat it with rice, fried egg and kicap.

    Little Forest is so cute! Not really following it but kalau keluar dekat tv, mesti tengok with my sister. Setelah Ku Dimiliki tu dapat tengok beberapa episode je itupun tengok biasa2 dekat mamak, or dekat rumah orang. hahaha sebab my family tak tengok cerita melayu unless the series is really good like Curi Curi Cinta (first few episode best gila tapi towards the ending macam alahai typical lah pulak) and currently watching Cemburu Seorang Perempuan. Boleh la.. I stick to it because nak tengok watak emma maembong tu masuk wad gila ke tak? Kalau simpan jugak memang dasar typical novel la nampaknya.

    Sorry panjang lebar pulak bebel. Hope you will have a great weekend.


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