What You Should Know About Sofa and Couch Cleaning

Friday, 15 November 2019

Did you know there are loads of benefits in cleaning your sofa regularly? You Don’t?! Oh no! Let me bring you up to speed! For starters, it extends the useful life of your precious sofas and improves its appearance significantly. Regular cleaning also helps remove pesky dust mites that might be lingering around and irritating your family’s noses. Last but not least, it comes with the added benefit of making it smelling fresh and new.

Now then, here are some tips you should know about sofa cleaning
Tip 1: Remove stains quickly!
This tip couldn’t be emphasized more! When spillage happens, it is always best to remove stains as quickly as possible. Most of the time a little water and wiping would clear most stains. If left unattended, certain stains would become irremovable after prolonged periods of exposure.
Tip 2: Different supplies for different parts of the sofa
Sadly, one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to cleaning supplies for sofas. Sofas of different materials, like fabric or leather, would require different types of cleaning supplies. It is always best to test one hidden part of the sofa before using it for the rest of the sofas. This would prevent a major sofa disaster from happening.
Tip 3: Allowing the sofa to dry
One important step that is often overlooked is just letting the sofa dry thoroughly through and through. You must be wondering where is that moldy smell coming from. It could surely be from you semi-dried sofa growing mold. Always remember to ensure that your sofa is thoroughly dried before using it.
Tip 4: Vacuuming the sofa
This might sound and even look silly, but it is a real effective means of removing dirt and dust that might still remain after a good thorough wash. Be warned, when clearing out the vacuum cleaner. Do it outside your home! The amount of fine dust flying around would surely shock you.

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  1. I think one of my friend pun ada cakap pasal sofa and couch cleaning ni. Tak sure dia guna service yang mana tapi curtain, mattress semua dia wapkan and then clean the entire thing. This is really good sebab kadang2 kita ingat yang kita buat tu dah memadai dah, sebenarnya nope!


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