My First Manicure Experience

Saturday, 7 December 2019

I wanted to do a manicure for a long time but I don't dare to proceed with my plan. There is a time where I was already in front of the nail salon but then I just walked away instead of going in. There are no particular reasons of why I never do it but I just scared of perception from others about me doing it alone or it is more to anxiety cause before this everything I do, my parent do it on my behalf but thinking that I am doing it alone, I just can't. But I slowly overcome it and be brave enough for myself especially when I already 24 years old. I gotta do things for my own now, am I right?

Back to the topic. Today, I finally did a manicure after trying to enter the nail salon about three times. The nail salon that I went to is at Aeon Big Wangsa Maju called Nail Bar. Since this is going to be my first time, I contemplating to do either Express Mani or Basic Mani. But after I asked the staff, she told me the differences and I chose Basic Manicure instead. She started with cutting my nails first followed by removing the cuticle around the nails. After those processes were done for each hand, she then filing my nails and buffing the nails to make it shine since I do not want to colour my nails. For the last step, she did massage my hand and fingers for a while with some lotion and that was the best thing ever, then applied some oil to my nails for the last time.

It was happening for around 20 minutes. Overall, my first manicure experience was not bad. I can see myself going there again next month. Maybe I can try colour my nails with some nail polish too? I looking forward to that to happen. Is it worthy to spend your money on a nail salon? I would answer yes. Self-care is important and make you feel more confident with yourself. 

Can't stop looking at my new nails 💅


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    1. Syaza memang plan nak letak gambar kuku baru, tapi camera phone tak dapat pickup the shine 🙁


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