My 2020 Bullet Journal Setup + January Setup

Sunday, 5 January 2020

It is a new year, it means a new journal to be start off. I am so excited about this journal as I have been working on the inside pages for a few weeks already. Glad that I finished them all before the new year started. For the past two years, I used the Kaison hardcover notebook with lots of pages. The pages should be enough for bullet journaling but it is not so convenient to carry around due to the thickness. I tend to skip bullet journaling a lot especially when I am at Shah Alam just because I do not bring the journal together with me since it is thick and heavy. So this year I changed to a more practical one. I can just put it on my handbag and has a lot of extra spaces to put other things.

The notebook I am using this year is from Lullacraft at Shopee for RM35. You can check the notebook here. I got the notebook with dotted pages, but you can choose either blank or grid too with various colour to choose from. As for me, I picked a pink colour one without any second thought. I am sure you know that pink is my thing? Just kidding but it is true tho.

My inside pages are basically the same as my previous bullet journal. I added a few new additional pages for me to record any things that I want. As for me, there is no right and wrong on bullet journaling, just do what you feel comfortable with and this is how I like my journal to be. The first part will be my 2020 Bullet Journal Setup followed with My January 2020 Bullet Journal Setup.

As for the first page, I started with a cover page with "Twenty Twenty" on it. I don't have the talent on calligraphy so that will do. But I also think of pasting a printed cover page would be better looking but we will see. The next page is my A Year at a Glance page. Basically a full calendar of the year 2020. This is a must-have for me as I don't have to refer to phone or anything just to check the day and whatnot.

This is my calendar for 2020. Just like my A Year at A Glance but this calendar is more details with the information like public holidays, etc. It can be used as a birthday reminder too, but I prefer it to be on my monthly overview page which I'm going to show soon.

Does this look pretty good for you? I am so excited about this page. I decided to used my past year's bullet journal setup cause I love it so much. The Book page is for me to record what books I have been reading for the year 2020. I know that it is a lot and I don't think I will ever fill the whole empty spaces but I will try. Oh, this page also included physical book and e-book, so I think there will be no problem to fill them up, I guess? The next page is Movies. For the past year, I never thought of doing this page because I can usually count with my fingers just how many times I watch movies especially in the cinema but I noticed that I watched quite a few movies last year which is the reason why I make more extra spaces for this year. What will be my first ever movie in 2020? I wonder.

This Drama series is dedicated to all the drama series I will be watching for this year. What I usually do is write down the title and each total episodes of each series. So whenever I finished watched the episodes, I will just circle them. Seeing it fully circled is the best thing ever. I never have done this before but I think I will give a rate once I finished all the episodes.

This Income In-Out is for me to record my money monthly. Each time I received some money, I will state in here and vice versa. So by the end of the year, I can see my money flows either I spent more which I hope I don't or I save much more this year.

Song page is for me to write my favourite songs. I am sure this page will full of K-pop songs just like my past years.

That is all for part one. Now let's move on to my monthly bullet journal setup. My monthly pages are pretty the same just like in the past. But last year I added a few more pages that will be convenient for me to use in the future.

Before I start with my January Setup, I will put my Key page. This is important so that I know what key should I use for the task, appointment, notes etc. There are lots of ways to use keys but this is how I used for the past years and I like how simple it is. The next page is my January cover page. I don't know how to style the page so I just made it like that. Simple, right? Maybe some washi tapes will make it look live.

After the cover page, I usually do another calendar but this time is more specifically for the month. As you can see here, I did a January calendar and added some of the details like important dates and birthdays of my family and friends.  Beside the January calendar is Product Open Date page where I draw the product, state the name and write down the date I open the product. This will record the details and I will know when I use it for the first time and when the time I finish the product or when it expired. Basically, this page is very useful for someone who always using new products and wants to record every detail of it.

Expenses page is where I write down all my expenses for the month. If I buy something or used my money, I will record it here and by the end of the month, I will calculate all the expenses. I usually kept the receipts of every purchase I made so it will be easier to write down everything. Habit tracker page is to track my personal habits that I usually do. Just like the other pages, it tracks my habits so that I can refer to it as reference.

Blogging Schedule page is where I state my blogging schedules. I usually write down the date and title of each blog post I published in my blog. I feel like I make an achievement when I see it filled with words. This page motivates me to keep on blogging so that I can feel better. The next page is nothing much. Just like my drama series and songs but this one is specifically for the month only. For example, if I watch a drama series in January, I write it down so I know when I watch it cause I usually rewatching it again after a while.

The next page is a Brand New Item. I shop a lot so I tend to forget when I buy this and that. I know that I can refer to the receipts or actual history but this will be easier for me to see. In this page, I also draw the items and state the date of the purchase so if it is broken or anything, I know when I bought it and I know how long the life-span is. Next page is Thoughts where I write what comes in my mind. This is totally random but can be a useful page too.

Last but not least, the last page is, of course, my weekly layout where I plan my day. I do not stick with one layout only, I usually change the layout according to my preferences. This is the first time I used this layout but I do not think I will using it again cause there is so much empty space below it and it kind of wasteful to left it empty.

I guess that is all. OMG, this is such a long post. I hope you enjoy reading it. I really like how it turns out. Simple but perfect for me to track and plan my day. I can't wait to fill up my journal with lots of things. Happy 2020, everyone.

Who decided to bullet journaling this year?


  1. I always failed when it comes to bullet journalling. hahaha
    Happy new year !! May 2020 be a better year for all of us. aamiin

  2. Simple and neat! I like! Gotta expect more bullet journal posts from you this year, huh? Hehehe no pressure babe. Cantik! I like your setup xx

    lenne | blog

  3. I love how you try to decorate your own bullet journal. I also still in try to make by own journal and hope I rajin nak tulis everything in there every single day hehe ^^

  4. OMG I love your bullet journal setup! I've always wanted to do one but since I'm so lazy I usually just buy one that suits what I want. But obviously, ready made journal would never satisfy my need :(

  5. i miss doing bujo spreads but i'm using a readymade planner this year aha x

    erin x |

  6. Okay, I have to say that you're so rajin! I seriously couldn't do any bullet journal because I am very fussy, sejenis yang salah sikit akan koyak that page and it is just not for me.. lol...

  7. Lawanya. simple. kemas. oh, what can I say more?

  8. Ya Ampun cantik sangat ni, saya pemalas pakai planner RM28 yg warna warni tu je, hehe. Tapi tahun ni, planner kosong sangat T_T


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