My 2020 Goals & Resolutions

Thursday, 2 January 2020

Happy New Year! I cannot believe that we are entering a new decade. 2020, I hope this year going to be better and I am looking forward to new challenges and experiences. I am not sure whether I should post about this or not because I am afraid that I lose from the start just like I did in the past. It was hard for me to cross the goals, to set the goals was even harder. I even skipped my 2019 Goals and Resolutions just because I am not confident with my own self. But I will take this as motivation so every time I open my blog, I will see what I want to achieve for this year. 


◼ Saving more for the future: I already started saving since last year but I do not think that I save a lot. I might need to change the way I save though. My previous way of saving was not effective much. I spent more than saving to be exact.
◼ Get a dean list: Since I am currently doing my degree, I really really want to get a dean-list. I know that the courses can be quite heavy for me to handle but if I set my mind and do the right thing, I am sure I can get it!
◼ Get a driving license: I already passed my L-license and what left is for me to pass my driving test. I am scared and I really want this to end as soon as possible!
◻ Do a part-time job: I am thinking of doing a part-time job during my semester break but the thing is my semester break usually held for at least two/three weeks, I do not think any company will hire me if I work for a short amount of time.
◻ Read more books: To be honest, I read fewer books for the past few years. It is bad as my knowledge seems to be rusted and I need to change it.


◼ Losing weight: I gained more and more weights and I miss my ideal weight during my Diploma years. Back then my BMI was normal but now, I am almost to overweight already. I need to lose weight but it is easy to say than actually doing it. What making it harder is whenever I am bored all I do is eating and eating. This usually happened when I am at the hostel. This weight does bother me a lot. I lose the confidence I used to have in the past and sometimes I feel so down with myself.


◼ 1M pageviews: I have a long way to go to 1 million pageviews and that makes me want to work harder than usual to achieve the goal. Let's just hope I can make it by this year.
◼ A new blog post every week: I know that I have been on-off in blogging these past few years. I rarely post anything on this site. So I planned to publish at least one or two blog post a week. I don't know how it is going to be but I will try my best to make it happen.
◻ A new blog design: It is a habit of me to change my template once in a year. So let's see what it is going to be this year. Haven't got one yet but it is coming soon.

What your goals & resolutions for this year?


  1. happy new year! x

    1. Happy New Year too, erin. Have a blast one! ❤

  2. beautiful resolutions ;)

    saving more is a good idea, looking at current economy status T_T
    I think I want to learn more on side income like online business

    1. Aww, thank you. I know right,I'm thinking of doing some little business too to have my own income, but we'll see 😊

  3. happy new year, syaza! yes yes yes to new blog design! seriously syaza, mood nak blogging tu lain macam bila dah tukar hehehe. hope to read more from yours this year! have a good one xx

    lenne | blog

    1. Happy New Year too, lenne. I know how it feels, so lepas ni kena check out new design. InshaAllah, soon I tukar. Thanks, I will try to write more this year 😊

  4. i haven't out my own resolution but one thing for sure, i wanna be happy.

  5. Om harap syaza dapat semua yang diAzamkan tu, good luck okay!!


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