My Plans on Four Weeks Break

Friday, 6 March 2020

My semester break is officially started! I am so excited about this break as my days during the lectures had made me mentally and physically exhausted. Now that it is over, I feel much better now. I was actually planning on getting a part-time job during my semester break but considering my semester break is quite short and I have a few important things to settle up, I just put the thought away. Since I have so much free time now, I just want to focus more on myself without thinking about classes for a while and do something productive. More me-time for sure. I have lots of things to do and let's make it happen, shall we? I mean, shall I?

1. Reading books

I miss reading books so much. When I was a teen, I still remember how eager I am when it comes to reading novels until I managed to finish reading hundreds of pages for one night only. Those memories are just memories now. Now that I already in the 20s I wonder if I can repeat that again. But thinking that how much free time I had during school compares to right now makes me know why. I looked up my bookshelf and separate the books that I haven't read yet. It is not that much so I am thinking of clear off my books-to-read list before my semester break ends. So that I can get more books during KLIBF. (P/s: Just got an update that KLIBF will be postponed due to Covid-19)

2. Watching drama/series

I tried so hard to prevent myself from watching any series during my semester as I was afraid that I got attached so much and abandon my works. Even if I watch any series during the weekdays, I made sure that I settled up everything first then only I watched the series, just like what I did when I watched Crash Landing on You. Cause that one, I couldn't resist at all cost. It is one of the best drama ever! As a reward for myself, right after I finished my last paper on Tuesday, I right away watched Doctor Romantic Teacher Kim (Season 2) and finished all the episodes on the next day. I missed lots of episodes of Return of Superman and Runningman and currently catching up. Still thinking about what to watch next on Netflix. Any recommendations, anyone?

3. Baking and cooking

I love baking, especially cakes and bread pudding. But the thing is, I haven't baked for a while now since our oven was not here for months. Until one day, I have been craving for a cream puff. I can either get one from the bakery shop if I want to but I prefer to make it by myself. Not because I am better at making cream puff but only because when I make it myself, I can make and eat lots of it compares to when I buy. You know the deals, right? But the good thing is, recently we got a new oven so I can bake and cook whatever I want, just name it. I cannot wait to make the cream puff and eat lots of it!

4. Catching up with friends

It is hard to find time to meet my friends due to our commitments. I really hope that I can meet my friends even it just for a day. I want to spend time with them and get updates from each of everyone. I miss talking to them as contacting via WhatsApp is not enough.

5. Settle up my driving lessons

I had to pause my driving classes for a while since I entered a new semester on last November. Now that I finished my classes, I want to proceed my lessons back and hopefully, everything will be settled by this month cause I just want to get it done as soon as possible.

Looks like I am going to be busy these upcoming four weeks. Till next post, everyone.


  1. Smeoga tercapai hasrat untuk penuhi cuti dengan benda berfaedah. Selamat becuti yo~

  2. Have fun and enjoy your break!

  3. I would love to get back to snuggling in a sofa and reading a book for hours on end. But I think studies and my phone destroyed that childhood hobby of mine. Hopefully, I can get back to reading like you!


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