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Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Chloe Ting's Two Weeks Shred Challenge With Me

I take a new challenge for me to try for the first time. This time it is fitness-related. Remember that I mentioned in my new year resolutions and goals that I want to lose weight and start workout? Yes, today is the day. It is a perfect time to start as the yoga mat together with a skipping rope that I ordered from Shoppe has just arrived today. I came across this challenge after watching Chloe Ting on Youtube and lots of people trying out her fitness programme. I watched her videos and discovered this challenge and thinking that "That looks easy..." So I am willing to give it a try cause why not. I feel so motivated to start working out this time. What makes me still want to do it is, Chloe also provides exercise for the low impact one. Just in case you feel like you cannot do it the way she did it, you can always choose the other option which is easier and suitable for beginners. In other to keep the memories of me doing this challenge, I am going to update my journey every day so stay tune okay?

Link to this challenge, here.


 SET 1  SET 2  SET 3 
 Crossbody Mountain Climber  Cork Screw  Plank with Bunny Hop 
 Burpees  Plank Jacks  Jumping Jacks 
 High Knee  Reverse Lunge Lateral Lunge Curtsy (L)  
 Squat In & Out  Jumping Lunge Lateral Lunge Curtsy (R)  
 Push-Ups & Mountain Climber  Up & Down Plank Heisman  
 Skater Jump  Triceps Toe Touch Bicycle Crunch  
 Spiderman Plank  Burpees  High Knee 

⬥ 31 May 2020 (Sunday) ⬥

Day 1: The time has arrived. I place my pink yoga mat on the floor along with my water cup. I opened the Shred Challenge video and start doing it. After the whole struggling moments, I managed to keep up with all of the exercises but I took a longer break to consider that this is my first day of working out after a while not doing it. It was only 13 minutes workout but turned 30 minutes for me. The intense level is very high for someone who or never working out before. It's okay, at least at do not give up right? Always follow your own pace and start adding up when you feel better.

Just after a few minutes of cooling down, I decided to go down and refill my water. And guess what?  I can already feel a little sore on my legs! It does not hurt that much but I wonder if I am going to feel a total body sore the tomorrow morning. Hmm. 

⬥ 1 June 2020 (Monday) ⬥
Day 2: Surprisingly I do not experience body ache at all. I can feel sore on my leg but it still bearable. I guess maybe because I do the low impact one so it didn't affect much. But then, after hours passed, my legs keep getting sore and I feel pain each time I tried to move the legs. On the bright side, I know that all the exercises are working since my muscles acting up.

I did thinking of skipping today session as the pain is bad but after so many thoughts, I decided to do it cause I do not want all my efforts from yesterday went wasted. I'm glad that I don't give up today as I feel a lot better than yesterday actually. I managed to finish the set 1 without a long break and drinking much water this time. It is such a small achievement but I think I will get better once I familiar to it. I feel much better after I finished the workout. I'm looking forward to tomorrow!

⬥ 2 June 2020 (Tuesday) ⬥

Day 3: I must say that among these three days, today is the hardest one. I am thinking of skipping today as well. Again. It is all because I feel extra tired since I had morning and afternoon classes today along with the period cramps that I just had since the morning. I feel like doing nothing today and just want to lay on my bed all time. I did finish the full exercises though but I'm not feeling it at all. Glad that it over now and I will be on my bed now. See you later...

⬥ 3 June 2020 (Wednesday) 

Day 4: I start today's workout a little bit late than usual. But this time, I am willingly want to do it. I didn't think about skipping today, which is good and my condition is a bit better than yesterday. So I did the session smoothly and taking my time to each exercise. I was now good at not drinking water now. What to look forward next is less break. I think I already get used to it, my body is still sore a bit but I can move freely now unlike the first day. See you tomorrow.

⬥ 4 June 2020 (Thursday) 

Day 5: Rest day! I'll be back stronger for tomorrow ✨

⬥ 5 June 2020 (Friday) 

Day 6: Skipped today session.

⬥ 6 June 2020 (Saturday) 

Day 7: Skipped today also.

⬥ 7 June 2020 (Sunday) 

Day 8: I'm being 100% honest here. I cannot believe that I skipped two days in the row. I feel sorry for myself. You know the feeling when you getting comfortable of having a rest day, so don't mind it anymore on the next day. That's how I feel about this challenge. But thank God I didn't stop there. I decided to be back on track so I did two sets of this challenge. Yes, not one but two guys. I am dying right now. Let's just hope I will make it to the end. 

 ⬥ 8 June 2020 (Monday) 

Day 9: I decided to do the session in the evening, which is earlier than what I usually did. Just because I am afraid that I am going to miss it again for the third time. Thank God, I don't. Can't believe that I am halfway through and it is almost ending soon. I can do it!

⬥ 9 June 2020 (Tuesday) 

Day 10: It feels just like the other day. I still have no stamina or strength doing all the exercises. But I still want to keep it going to the end. Four more days and I am done. One thing that I noticed change is that I no longer feel the pain that I felt one the first two days of doing this challenge. Which is a good thing? It means that my body already adapts to the situation and I can do more for the next day.

⬥ 10 June 2020 (Wednesday) 

Day 11: Sorry for the late update.  I did the session in the morning, so the rest of the day I was so busy with online class and some assignments and I totally forgot to update here. Basically, the session was just like the other days. I am still trying my best to keep on doing it. 3 more days to go!

⬥ 11 June 2020 (Thursday) 

Day 12: At this point, I do not know what to share here. My 'game' is still going strong you all. Wish me luck!

⬥ 12 June 2020 (Friday) 

Day 13: I did it again guys. One more day to go. Since tomorrow is the weekend, I'm thinking of doing 2 sets of this challenge. One in the morning, one in the evening. Let's see how it works!

⬥ 13 June 2020 (Saturday) 

Day 14: That is it, everyone! My two weeks challenge finally ends now. I cannot believe that today is the last day of this challenge. It was hard at first but I managed to get to this day! The feeling when you accomplish your mission is comparable with the feelings when doing all the exercises.

Thank you for those who wish me for this challenge. I really appreciate it. Reading those comments inspire me to keep on going until this time. I'm glad that I did this or else I will stay the way I am two weeks ago. So proud of myself! I will keep on doing the exercise and try to make it as a routine from now on. I challenge you to do this challenge too and let's stay healthy together!

Will you join me to finish this challenge?


  1. this is actually motivatinggg. hope you'll keep it up. god knows i've been doing bad at fitness lol.

    1. I also bad at fitness, to be honest. Its been a while since my last time jogging or exercises. Hope this will motivate you in any way. Good luck!

  2. Wahhh that's so good! All the best! :D

    1. Reading your comment makes me want to do it better. Thank you so much!

  3. i love chloe! she's so hyped (in a good way), encouraging and super duper cute! i love all of her workout sets. i'm rooting for you in this challenge xx

    lenne x

    1. I know right, she always encourage to not give up during the challenge. Thanks for that, it makes me go through to these time.

  4. SELAMAT HARI RAYA!!! Best entry ini :) done follow, follow me back.. thanks

    1. Selamat Hari Raya jugak. Thanks for the follow!

  5. Sepanjang PKP ni, banyak juga kawan2 yang buat Chloe Tings Shred Challenge ni.
    Teringin juga nak buat tapi, I admit agak malas nak berpeluh sebab musim panas camni hahaha but please pray for me. Mana tau this could be my turning point.


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