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Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Today is the day where SUPERSTAR GFRIEND is launched. SuperStar Gfriend is a rhythm game that features Gfriend official soundtracks from debut until the latest album. I was waiting for this day to come for a long time. And the fact that it is finally here, I cannot wait to play and having fun. You guys probably knew this already, I am a Buddy. Gfriend is my favourite girl group and will always be my number 1. When I saw the announcement about this app, I feel so excited and did the pre-register right away. Other than Gfriend, there are some other artists or groups too like Superstar BTS, SuperStar SMTOWN, SuperStar JYPNATION and more but I never play those because I just don't. Now that it has my favourite group, I need to have it and give them support.

The moment I received the notification that the app is available to install, I quickly put everything away and install the app. It was around 12 in the afternoon but I had to wait for another hour for the official launch. So, by the meantime, I cook for lunch and when it all done, I opened the app again and it is ready.

The hardest part of all. How can I choose only one when all of them are my bias? 

Since I am not familiar with the game and app, I took a little time to explore by clicking here and there. Once I started to play the app, I cannot stop myself from it. I am addicted to it. It has like 30 headphones aka lives for starter and I used all of it. For a start, I play the easy mode first for some songs and eventually level up by using the normal mode which can be quite tricky at first. 

Playing this game makes me feels like I was playing with them, Gfriend cause it fully using the member's voice and it feels so real. It started with the introduction like "Hi, we are Gfriend" and throughout the game, you will listen to their voice or even choose which 'profile's voice' you want to pick. Eventually, it feels like you meet your own idol in this game. Eventhough they speak in Korean but I do understand a bit of what they are saying. I am now on the 10 ranks at the moment and trying my best to play all of the songs for the easy and normal mode. 

Playing this game makes me realize how good Gfriend's songs are. I love all of their title songs and always put them on repeat but the b-side songs are not bad too. Especially on their latest album called Labyrinth, Eclipse and Here We Are are my favourite one. 

Playing the game while listening to your favourite group is the best combination ever! I have been playing this game non-stop and I am addicted to it now. I won't stop unless I ran out of the headphone. 

Highly recommended for you to play this game. And I'm sorry if you are addicted too. Hehe

I'm proud to be called 'Buddy'...

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  1. I like Gfriend too. They are second in my favourite list after Super Junior. Maybe I can try download and play Superstar SMTOWN to see if Super Junior is available. If not, I'll play Superstar Gfriend instead. Thanks for this entry!


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