Little Changes I Made

Monday, 21 September 2020

This is the month that I realize that it is time for me to change. This is not a major thing like what you think of, but just a tiny bit that I decided to differ for a better life. 


I have been starting this habit of recycling a long time ago. But it was just for the sake of doing it. I have no intention at all. But now, I decided to keep on recycling with the pure intention for the environment and the Earth. The contribution I made for recycling can be little but I really hope it helps and I also hope that I encourage you guys to recycle too. I never feel this satisfied when sorting my trash and stuff. I used to keep any box or packaging of the items that I bought for years just because I think I might need or use them but in the end, it doesn't at all. Now is when Marie Kondo's method took place. Get rid things that don't give you joy. I got rid some of my stuff and thinking of giving away to you guys but we will see.

Digital NoteTaking

If I knew writing notes can be this fun and enjoyable, I would start this earlier, Yes, I have been doing digital notetaking since this month when I started my new semester and I am addicted to it. It changed my life. For those who didn't familiar with digital note-taking, Digital NoteTaking is the same as the ordinary notes but need you to use the device like a tablet or laptop to do the notes instead of using pens and highlighters. I am using OneNote to do my notes. I like the fact that it can sync with my phone by just installing the app. I can now read my notes through my phone whenever I free. OneNote is very easy to use as it mostly the same as Microsoft Word but better. You can insert pictures or tables, changing fonts of your notes or even drawing. Now every time I have class, I ill open my OneNote and typing the information given by the lecturer while listening to the lecture. Multitasking, you know? Now I always look forward to my class and writing the notes.


As you probably know, I have been using my Simple Oil Balancing Moisturiser for years for my oily acne-prone skin. That moisturiser is so good that I don't feel like to change to the other ones. But I have been searching for that moisturiser at so many places but I cannot find it anywhere now not even online stores. Then I found out that the line of Oil Balancing range has been discontinued. Can you imagine how I feel right now? I have to start over and searching for a perfect moisturiser for me to use on my daily basis. Actually, I already bought a new moisturiser to try out, it is from Safi. I haven't used it yet but I hope it is the one.


When it comes to night time, I want it to be in a feeling of peace, cosy and calm. So what I did to achieve that is by lighting the oil burner with a few drops of lavender fragrance oil. I usually let the candle burn until it off and it usually takes around 4 hours. So by the time I slept, it still there. But during the 9.9 Sale, I bought a new device called humidifier. The function of humidifier and oil burner is kinda similar actually but the method is different. Oil burner using a candle while humidifier needs a source of electricity. If you ask me which one is better, I would say humidifier as it provides mist and let the area became cooler with the scent that I chose for the day. The oil burner is good too but the fact that it has candle burning somehow worries me a bit.

Do you have something that you want to change in your life?


  1. Good for you! My family and I recently started gathering raw food ingredients for compose in our garden. We feel bad for throwing things in the bin without putting at least some of them to good use. Anyway, a lovely post and hope to read more from you soon!

    1. Wow, its amazing. I love the fact that nothing is wasted. Aww, thank you so much 🥰

  2. Sometimes simple things can change our life but many people did not realized it including me. hehe.. Jemput join my GA :)

  3. I am looking for humidifier too, where did u buy it? may I know the seller's shop?

    1. You should try it too. The one I'm using is from Shopee. The service is quite good too, so far there is no defect at all. The shop named Here are the links,

      Humidifier :

      I hope it helps! 😊


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