GFRIEND is Back! (回:Walpurgis Night)

Sunday, 15 November 2020

Gfriend is back with 3rd Full Album: 回 Walpurgis Night. This will be the last series of 回 since Labyrinth and Songs of the Sirens. Not gonna lie that this trilogy has the best songs and increase their popularity. I have been looking forward to this comeback ever since I saw the teaser. Last two weeks, GFRIEND held an online concert but unfortunately, I can't join them due to the timing. It was my only chance to join their concert since it is online but I still cannot even though I want it so badly. I heard that the concert was successful and GFRIEND cried during the encore song, Here We Are. They must be missed Buddy so much when they saw Buddy holding the lightstick. Even the lyrics are related to the current situation right now.

Now that they have a new album, I am so excited to see them perform on the stage. The title for this comeback is MAGO which means magicians. The previous concept of their album are witches but now they turned into the modern witches. Just like the previous albums, they participated in making the song. That makes the songs and album more special for them and Buddy. As for the tracklist for the 3rd album, there will be three units of them with a new song. I already familiar with Apple, Crossroads and Labyrinth as those are my favourites but the other songs seem great too especially MAGO. The moment I listen to the teaser, I already knew that I will love the song because it is so catchy and attractive as the songs keep on playing in my head. 

The moment GFRIEND posted the three version for this album, I am so excited and loving each version. My Room for me is more to their interest like Sinb who loves photography and Yuju once did ballet before so that explains more for that version. My Way is the version to show their professional and sophisticated side while My Girls is very cute and girly. This time is a little bit special as I decided to buy this album. I have been a Buddy since 2015 but never had any of their albums but this time I really want to support them. Why? Because they deserve it. They work so hard from the beginning until this day. Can you guess which version I get for myself? Comment down below.

Even at this point, I still streaming MAGO MV to support them. I wish them all the best and hope they can win first place on the music shows. This comeback is the memorable one among the others. 여차친구, 사랑해!

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