How to Survive During Online Classes

Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Online Distance Learning (ODL) can be challenging especially when we are studying at home with a lot of distractions and no studying environment as well. To be honest, I really miss attending to the actual classes and having to meet my friends at the same time. But at this point, it is better for us to stay at home and keep everything safe, right? Things can get harder but how to survive during online classes? Here are my five tips on this topic related. I hope this will help you even a bit.

Despite having a full day of classes, try your best to take some time to have your own time to do something that you love such as watching series or shows, exercising or spending time with your family. Wake up early for class so that you can prepare your notes and be ready for the lectures. Manage your time wisely between studies and life even when we have other responsibilities to commit by keeping it balanced.

Being at home also means chill and relax, right? But when it comes to the online class, it is absolutely not. It is more tiring mentally and physically. We might see that we didn't do much, but the tiredness comes based on our physical and mental state. Having to look at the screen for hours can bring discomfort to the eyes. You can take a break in between classes such as drink water or do some stretching. Therefore, as a human being, we need to have enough rest and sleep to face the day or classes. This is to avoid waking up late and missed the lectures. Try your best to be on the bed around 11.00PM-12.00AM if possible in order to get at least 6 hours of sleep. 

There will be a lot of assessments coming the way, so you need to prioritise which one is important and need to do first. Always focus on one thing at a time to prevent pressure and stress. Do not procrastinate for too long as this will end up too many workloads. Try to do all the assessments within the time given. If you are a person who tends to forget and cannot handle too many tasks, a planner or an organizer is what you need. Jot down all the tasks with the information to keep you on track. This will help you organize and keeps things in order.

If you are able to have your own space for classes such as room, try to make it clean and organize as well. This will give you the mood for study and calm to your mind at the same time. Other than that, this will avoid any distractions during the class or doing the assessments. 

It is important to have a good relationship between classmates and lecturers. This will not just help the studies but getting new knowledge as well. From my past experiences, my classmates always helping each other with the assessments or new information while the lecturer helps in term of the teaching or courses. Communication is the key. During these online classes, it is better to not be selfish and help each other out since we are struggling the same. Helping each other can be a small action but it gives big effects to the other person. 

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  1. wish you all the best with your ODL journey, syaza! spare a few hours to kick in some fun time for your mental health. take care xx

    lenne |


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