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Sunday, 1 November 2020

Hello, lovelies! Long time no see. How are you guys doing? I haven't updated my blog since forever, I must say? Everything was hectic especially with the situation that we are currently having right now, which is Covid-19. Not gonna lie that this has turned not just my life but everyone's life upside-down. During the early pandemic in March, I was supposed to be back at Shah Alam the following month for my new semester but got cancelled and the learning will be done through Open and Distance Learning (ODL) At first, I was so happy that the classes will be held through online and I get to stay at home and be with my family all the time but the thoughts of it changed after a few weeks passed. The number of assessments that I need to get done, the time management, limited sources of references, no study or learning environment, those little issues affects me a little bit. I had six courses in a long semester, all the courses have their own assessment and to balance out between each course taking so much time. There's a big difference when I have the learning environment going on versus when I don't have the learning environment at all. We usually interact with two people face to face but now everything was through Whatsapp, Google Meet and so on. Things can get complicated when you cannot communicate with your friends or lecturers. I have to do my assignments, presentations, attend classes. You know, the normal routines as a student. But ODL can be hard especially when you have a responsibility towards your family. For example, I am a daughter and also a sister in my family. I have my own works or chores that I need to do like cooking, cleaning the house etc but at the same time, I have to attend my classes as a student. It still okay at one point unless you can divide your time to all the tasks. I'm lucky that my parents can understand what I'm doing, that reduces my workload a bit. The lecturers are also willing to help the students whatever they can if the students have a problem. Both were struggling in their own ways anyway. All we need to do is do our job as best as we can. Never let this bring you down even more. 

Even my routine has changed a lot. I used to be a morning person before but since the MCOs, I slept longer than usual and staying late than ever. I wake up early just to attend my class and then proceed with my normal routine. I became so demotivated to do the things I used to love like blogging and reading novels but instead I spent most of the time scrolling my phone and laying in my bed without doing nothing. I kinda understand that this is the current situation that we are currently living in, so I have to adapt with all the changes. After all these things happened, I don't think that students struggled the most compares to the front liners, people who have to go to work or people who suffer from financial but we still have to adapt with the new environment or situations we are currently dealing with and be positive as much as we can.

Months have passed, I finally finished two semesters during this pandemic Covid-19. My results for the previous semester were great and improving despite all the struggles. This is something that I am grateful for and I am currently waiting for my current semester results to be out later this month. I hope that I did well too for this semester as the format of the final examination changed to more essay-like-answer rather than the normal question-answer so I had trouble working on that, to be honest. I hope for the best. Aaminn. Now that it is official that the ODL will continue until the end of this year until further notice, I guess I will have to get ready mentally and physically for whatever comes in the next semester later this month. From the time being let me enjoy my semester break a little bit more before focusing back on my studies. Having the thoughts that I might spend the rest of my semesters through ODL, is unacceptable. I don't want that to happen. I don't want my degree life to be ended this way. I really miss going to the campus, meeting my friend and doing all the assessments as usual which I don't even know when will that happen. So sad. 

Yeah, I guess that is all I have for now. I wrote quite a lot this time and I think it is a good sign. I have tried so many times to type and write before but nothing went out of my mind. I typed then delete. The same things happened for a few times and I'm glad that this is working so well this time. There might be more coming real soon but I cannot promise that as I'm afraid that I might not update my blog again next time. I will try my best, okay? 

Last but not least, for those who stay in KL, Selangor, Putrajaya and Sabah please please please stay at home. Do not go out during this RMCO unless you need to do something that is really important. For everyone, don't forget to wear a mask when going out, apply hand sanitizer, wash your hand frequently and the most important is, follow the SOPs. Let's do our part to make this Covid-19 away. Take care and stay safe!

What are you struggling the most during this current situation?


  1. omg i totally can relate almost everything you said. i miss my college and friends so bad :(

    anyway, all the best, Syaza! may Allah ease our ODL journey hahah <3

  2. Good to know you're doing alright during these trying times, Syaza! Please stay safe and hoping to read more from you soon xx

    lenne |

    1. Thank you lenne. I'm struggling but trying my best to coop with everything 🥰

  3. stay safe stay healthy, we still got a long wayy to go dear :)


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