Rain as My Sources of Encouragement

Tuesday, 24 November 2020

Lately, we noticed that the rain came quite often these time. Almost every single day, evening until the night it will rain and rain. Some places got flood due to the heavy rain and I feel bad for them.  I hope things will get better soon.

Knowing me, I am the type of person who loves rain the most, especially at night. My little brother always teases me by saying, "Kakak mesti suka hujan malam ni." every time it's raining. Wanna know why? Just like the title, rain is my sources of encouragement. No matter how long it rains either just for a minute or even hours, we always knew that this rain will stop eventually. This can be applied in our life too. We struggle and working so hard to get what we want but in the end, we will surely get or achieve whatever we want. BUT. Only if you work so hard and do not give up.

When it comes to rain, there will be two things that we might look forward to, which are sunshine and rainbow. Both of these are like the importance of rain. Sun will eventually shine when the dark clouds moved away while the rainbow will come after the rain stops. Both are magic and a miracle to me. Just like rain, things will get better soon or later. Never lose hope and always try your best until the end.


  1. Suka baca penulisan yang ni.. Keep writing and inspires people..

    1. Thank you for your feedback. Really appreciate it. InshaAllah, more posts like this will coming up 🥰


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