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Sunday, 11 April 2021

www.syazaraihanah.com Local Products I Tried and Fell in Love With

I had a bad experience with local products back then, especially when it comes to beauty or skincare related. The trauma hits me every time but now not anymore. Local brands nowadays already step up on their games and came out with great products in the markets. Here are my top 5 products that I love.


Nothing new here. I think you can figure this out by now. I raved about this soap a lot in my blog to the point that you might yawn when you saw this. I have used this soap so many to the point that I lost count already. I always go back to this whenever it finished and I will until the day I found the one that can beat this amazing soap. It made from natural ingredients like charcoals and honey which is the best ingredients to treat acne. Each bar can last for months if you know the trick. What I always do when I have a fresh/new soap is I cut them into six pieces. Each piece can last for about 3 - 4 weeks. Another trick is always to let them dry after each use or else they will melt and gone faster than you think.

www.syazaraihanah.com Kayman Beauty Coal Face Soap

YELLO SKINCARE Oatmeal Turmeric Mask & Scrub (OTMS)

In the past, I sometimes make my own turmeric mask, it is good for the skin and can treat acne too. But the aftermath is not something that I would want to experience again and again. My turmeric mask made my face turned yellow due to the stain. It took a while to remove and I hate the feeling of having a 'yellow face' as it can be transferred to any surface like pillowcase or shirts if it is not washed thoroughly. But then, I met this Yello OTMS, the best product I ever used. In one jar, you can be creative with it. You can use it as a mask or a scrub. Both works wonder. Another fun thing is, you can use any mixture to your mask either plain water, serum, toner, honey, yoghurt or whichever liquid form you prefer. My personal favourite recipe for OTMS mask is OTMS mixed with yoghurt, honey and green tea. The feeling after is very soft and the most important is, the turmeric stain is not that obvious, a cleanser is enough to remove the stain. Frequent use can fade your acne scars and fight acne as well. Highly recommended!

www.syazaraihanah.com Yello Oatmeal Turmeric Mask & Scrub (OTMS)

YELLO SKINCARE Snowmeric Hydra-Boost Brightening Serum

A serum that has great ingredients in a bottle. The 8 powerful ingredients are alpha arbutin, niacinamide, beta-glucan, snow mushroom, ascorbyl glucoside, white turmeric, sodium hyaluronate and allantoin. I tried the trial one for the first time and my skin loves it. I don't get any redness or bad reaction when using the serum. Instead, it soothes my skin especially my acne. So I went for the second bottle now and maybe my third one soon. After that, I might purchase the full-size if I can see a huge improvement on my skin. I'm sure it will, it is such a good serum, everyone has been raving about it and the feedbacks made me excited to try it too. It might take some time to works on my skin but I will wait for that moment anyway.

www.syazaraihanah.com Yello Snomeric Hydra-Boost Brightening Serum


One of the local products that I just discovered recently. I actually heard people raving about this product specifically this brand a lot on Twitter until one time, I decided to try it out and fell in love with it. It is a sugar wax that works to remove unwanted hair like the armpit, legs, hand and so on. There are two types of wax which are the ones that I have, Dry Sugar Wax and Pigmented Sugar Dough. Dry Sugar Wax is suitable for thin hair while Pigmented Sugar Dough is perfect for coarse hair but for this one, you need to heat up for 5 minutes before using it. It comes with reusable strips and some wooden sticks for you to apply your wax. So far, it works well on my sensitive skin. For me, the pain is quite bearable, it will go after a few minutes. It does give redness but I think it is normal when you pull the hair and it will naturally go away or you can soothe it with some aloe vera gel. I love it so much and I'm thinking of buying the Pigmented Sugar Dough next in the future.

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What is your all-time favourite local brand? What are your thoughts on local brands nowadays?


  1. what a nice review. so hyped to see more local skincare products with good quality. go malaysia!

    1. I know right? The quality getting better and better.

  2. I love Kayman! Sekarang ni semua skincare pakai Kayman je hehe. Dah lama teringin nak try OTMS! Maybe next local product purchase is OTMS kot xx

    lenne | lennezulkiflly.com

  3. Loving this list!! I've been seeing local products improve so much since last 3 years or so. Balik Malaysia nanti confirm nak try Kayman & Yello tu sebab my friends pun recommend. Along with Bougas Serum & Alluskin :)


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