Back to School : My New Semester Routine

Saturday, 4 September 2021

Time flies and I am now in my final year as a BBA student. Can't believe that I did survive a year of ODL despite all the ups and downs. Not gonna lie that ODL itself is a struggle but somehow I managed to face it all. I cried almost every semester during ODL because I was too stressed out with all the assessments that need to be submitted. But I try to resolve those emotions by taking my own time to wake up from the pain and keep going. That is how I did every single time. Since this is my last lecture class (still ODL btw) before I'm having an internship next semester, I want to share the last bit of my Bachelor's journey here as memories. 

For part one, I'm going to share how I prepare for my new semester. There is not much to do though (since it's ODL, what else can I do) but somehow all these processes make me feel at ease and doing it helps me to trace my weeks thoroughly.

Clear out old Whatsapp groups

Not just students, but in our daily life, we did use Whatsapp to interact with others. Based on how many courses you have, there will be quite amounts of groups created for you to join. Not to mention, assessments group as well. Students usually are not allowed to leave the group until the results are out, just in case there is any issue regarding the assessments or marks. It is easier to reach that way on Whatsapp groups. So, once the results are out, I will usually thank the lecturers and left the group mannerly.  Lastly, I will delete the conversation from my phone as well. 

Organize the files

Throughout the semester, there are lots of documents sent and downloaded either assessments or notes, it can be quite messy and taking so much space on both my phone and laptop. Get rid of those unrelated items is the best solution for sure. As regards my study notes and assessments, I still kept them in particular folders accordingly as my future references.  

Update study planner (Notion & Study planner)

Isn't it weird to have two planners for the same thing? I have both Notion and planner for my studies, can you believe it? As for Notion, I will use it just like my daily planner to organize and plan, record important dates, adding some notes and whatnot. I like using Notion because I can do almost anything with it and the best thing is, it syncs through the app on my phone and laptop as well. While my planner is basically the same but having it make it easier for me to get access while I'm offline. I also get to scribble or jot down some important notes or dates at the same time.

Create new folders on the desktop

Since I am currently ODL, most of my notes will be share and need to be downloaded from the eLearning before or after class. To make sure that I won't lose any documents, I will make sure that I put them in folders according to the courses. I usually prepare two main folders; one for notes and another one is for assessments. Each folder will be categorized according to the current semester that I am currently in. This method is very useful and makes it easier for me to look for it when I need it.

Be ready and prepared.

This is the most important thing for me. In order to have a successful semester ahead, I need to be ready and prepared for the upcoming tasks and assessments. It will be a struggle all the way but this is my last lecture so I am ready to go all out for this semester. 

If Covid-19 has not existed, my routine before the new semester would totally not be the same as these. I will go out and go to some stores like Mr Diy, Popular Bookstore and few clothing stores just to get my necessary items like pens, papers and buy some outfits for classes as well.  But I didn't do it anymore as I still had those in my collections and I use fewer stationeries now unless for journaling and there is no point in buying new clothes as I will be attending class in my room anyway.

Do you have any activities that you do before starting the new semester? Or do you have anything that you want me to cover about my studies for the next post?


  1. yayyyy new semester new spirit. Aduhhh rindu pula zaman study :')

    1. I'm going to miss student life as well. Few more weeks left 😢

  2. Good luck with your new semester and internship xx

  3. good luck on your new semester!

  4. I've always hear a bit for here and there how stressful and hard ODL is. Hope the internship will work on well for you!


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